[Hidden-tech] Reel to Reel

Michael Muller tech at montaguewebworks.com
Thu Dec 8 10:43:14 EST 2016

If you haven't gotten a working player by the time I get mine, you can 
borrow it. $500 is a big nut for a one-time project. When I'm done with 
my project I'm thinking about offering xfer services to MP3.

Mik Muller, owner
Montague WebWorks

On 12/7/2016 11:30 PM, Jonathon Podolsky wrote:
> Thank you everyone for the replies!
> I've heard from numerous people on list and via private message. To 
> summarize, in case others are interested, the consensus is:
> -Steve Unkles www.MakeHistory.tv <http://www.MakeHistory.tv> for media 
> conversion projects, know-how, etc.
> -Vince at Audio Proz in Watertown www.audioproz.com 
> <http://www.audioproz.com> if buying/servicing reel-to-reel player.
> Also Michael thank you for the kind thoughts regarding the overall 
> project.
> Best,
> Jonathon Podolsky
> www.MarvinMartin.org <http://www.MarvinMartin.org>

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