[Hidden-tech] GMT time zone calculations

Marcia Yudkin yudkinyudkin at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 6 19:16:17 EST 2016

Thanks, everyone.

To clarify...  I know how to do the conversion if I know the other party's location, and I've done that a zillion times.  If it's Sydney, Australia, for example, I can figure out and tell them let's do the call at X your time on Thursday and Y my time on Friday.

In this case it is the GMT that is tripping me up.  I don't know their actual location and it seems like I'm expected to tell them the time for the meeting in GMT rather than local time.  That's what's giving me the headache and that's what some of the tools you all recommended do not help with!

Eli's answer was the most helpful so far.

Thanks, Eli!

Marcia Yudkin
On Tue, 12/6/16, Elijah Gwynn <eli at egwynn.com> wrote:

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 Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 6:05 PM
 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
 is the timezone of Greenwich, England. It’s 
 also known as UTC (which stands for
 “Coordinated Universal Time” in 
 and “Temps Universel Coordonné” in French… yeah…).
 In a 
 lot of ways, it’s the “middle”
 of the world’s timezones.
 We are currently EST (Eastern Standard Time),
 which is GMT-5 (which you 
 can pronounce as
 “GMT minus five”).
 During the warmer months, we are EDT (Eastern
 Daylight Time), which is 
 GMT+8 is 13 hours ahead of us
 (we’re 5 hours behind GMT, and they’re 
 8 hours ahead of it, so 13). So they’ll be in
 “tomorrow” after 
 11am EST (24:00 -
 13:00 = 11:00), or 4pm GMT (24:00 - 8:00 = 16:00).
 You can see a map of the
 world’s timezones at 
 Things might make a little more 
 after you stare at that for a while. But if you stare at it
 long, it might start making less sense
 Hope this helps!
 On 6
 Dec 2016, at 16:53, Marcia Yudkin wrote:
 > Hi everyone,
 > I've been asked to suggest a time for
 a meeting with folks who are in 
 > time
 zone GMT +8.  I think they are in China, Taiwan or
 Singapore, but 
 > I'm not sure.
 > This GMT system
 confuses me.  What GMT time zone are we in, in the 
 > Northeast?
 > How do I express a certain time in GMT
 terms, as opposed to Eastern 
 > time?
 > And then there's
 the international date line to consider as well!  If 
 > they are in Asia, then they are a day
 "ahead" of us, correct?
 > Help!
 > Marcia Yudkin
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