[Hidden-tech] Advanced Mac Cleaner

Kiernan Gulick-Sherrill kiernan at greenearthpc.us
Thu Dec 1 14:18:17 EST 2016

Definitely dont let them into your computer, or give them any personal
information. They are scammers/virus.

Malwarebytes has a good free spyware removal tool for macs that can work.

AVG makes a good free antivirus scanner for macs that we recommend for all
mac users (for future protection).

If you are having trouble clearing it out yourself, feel free to drop by or
give us a call and we can check it in for service or schedule an onsite.

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On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 1:08 PM, Stacy Kontrabecki <swampdancer at comcast.net>

> Somehow, someway the developer of "Advanced Mac Cleaner" software has
> wormed their way into my brand new Mac Air. I get a pop up box daily
> saying to purchase. I called the technical support and they want me to
> let them VPN into my computer so they can fix the problem. "They get
> hundreds of calls for the same problem every day. "No shit, sherlock.
> And no, I'm not inviting you in.
> I've (I think) deleted all bogus applications through Finder, but this
> insidious fxxker is hiding an executable somewhere.
> Ideas?
> Stacy
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