[Hidden-tech] LiquidWeb sold to bottom feeders - time to switch hosts, any recommendations?

Don Lesser dlesser at ptraining.com
Mon Aug 29 17:12:38 EDT 2016

We’ve had good experiences with BlueHost. Tech support is good, sometimes great, sometimes crappy, but you can escalate to someone who knows what they are talking about. Rarely if ever goes down. Good WordPress support. 


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Hi Fellow Folk :)

Another great hosting company bites the dust :( I just learned that Liquid Web sold my hosting account to Deluxe Check.

Does anyone have any suggestions about a webhost that they enjoy working with, that offers cPanel, and good phone tech support, preferably local and not likely to get bought up.
A few years back I was working with a great hosting company, who got bought out by Deluxe Check.The customer service became really terrible, to the point where agents were apologizing to me that their company had been bought and they were being forced to provide poor service. I have no desire to do business with Deluxe again. 

Thanks for any suggestions. Very appreciated.

Best Regards,



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