[Hidden-tech] Looking for: Bookeeping and Human Resources Assistant (20 - 40 hours/week)

Kristie Stauch-White kristie at ftllabscorp.com
Mon Aug 15 09:50:33 EDT 2016

FTL Labs Corporation is a growing small business located in Amherst,
Massachusetts. Our business’ primary focus is on solving engineering
problems for the government and within the public sector.



   Maintain and record business transactions

   Balance ledgers, reconcile accounts, and prepare reports

   Follow bookkeeping procedures established by the organization

   Must have a strong working knowledge and familiarity with Quickbooks and

   Must be able to work in a primarily paperless environment

   Familiar with GAAP accounting

   Familiarity with DCAA approved accounting a huge plus

   Ability to read, understand and implement terms in lengthy government
   contracts related to billing and bookkeeping maintenance of those contracts

   Initiate and track payments for long-term contracts

   Maintain personnel records, including documents for new hires

   Ensure that human resources policies are in compliance with federal and
   state regulations

   Initiate and tracks payroll and accrued payroll, bonus and taxes

   Facilitate job evaluations and compensation management

   Track and facilitate benefits administration

   Ability to plan and accomplish goals

   Perform a variety of tasks.

Associate's degree or its equivalent with a minimum of  2-4 years of
experience. Must be available to work in Amherst. May be able to do
jobshare with Lumme, another small engineering firm, also located in

Please email your resume and 2 references to kristie at ftllabscorp.com and
mike at ftllabscorp.com.

Kristie Stauch-White
VP Operations
FTL Labs Corporation
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