[Hidden-tech] VERY last minute camera operator

Tom Adams ~ Reelife Productions & Folktography tomadams at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 13:41:47 EDT 2015


We're looking for some very last minute help...
If YOU or an associate of yours is available to do a video shoot TODAY at
5pm at UMASS, please email me back right away. Thanks - I just was asked by
someone if I could shoot/or find someone to shoot an event tonight...  I'm
unavailable but  thought I'd pass on info below:

*5pm*-9ishpm, bowker aud Umass
document the arrival of fantastic Karim Wasfi, cellist from Bagdgad -
amazing human being doing good for the world...
• then backstage-stuff
• and then full performance on tripod
• runandgun style documentary and shotgun/camera mounted mic

*• 5+ yrs experience would be good but.... at this point we're going with
the anything-is-better-than-nothing mode of operation...*

• it's a shoot for non profit, fund-raising project for Iraqi
children...There's pay: $50/hr-ish

Please reply directly back to me asap - thanks!


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