[Hidden-tech] veterinary house calls?

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Marci Lowie 

South Amherst veterinary clinic. 253 8001 

She saved me 12+ year old dog's life. Our previous vet had said, two years ago, "Oh. She's a lab, and lab's only live to 11 or 12, so there is nothing to do." 

Then, this past winter, our dog couldn't even stand up. I thought we would have to put her down, but someone told us about Marci Lowie, who came that afternoon and figured out what was going on. Within two days, still at home, the dog was up and happily moving. 

The dog now takes huge hikes with me every other day, and I often have to hurry to keep up with her. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Marci Lowie. 

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Hi Hidden Techies 
I would love to have recommendations for a veterinarian who makes house calls. I’m in Turners Falls, I’ve found one vet in Montague and one in Shelburne Falls, but if any one on this awesome list has a personal recommendation (or a caution) to share I would be most grateful. 
Thank you! 

Lynne Rudié 
Graphic Design 
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