[Hidden-tech] noise canceling headphones for those that wear glasses

Chris Hart, MyMacTech.com chris at chrishart.net
Tue Oct 6 14:33:25 EDT 2015

As someone who has worn glasses for 20 years and wears headphones pretty much daily, I understand your concern.  Over the years, I have found that there is no substitute for buying really good headphones.

I always prefer “around the ear” types of earcups, as they are far superior for comfort and I consider them absolutely essential for myself to be happy for any listening longer than a half hour.  I find that “on the ear” cushions are not only uncomfortable in general (because they mash the outer ear), but they also push my outer ears onto the glasses and thereby drive the glasses into my head — double ouch.

Around the ear, noise canceling ‘phones are not inexpensive, but again I think their comfort is worth it.  I have had a pair of Sony full-sized, around-the-ear noise canceling ‘phones for a number of years now.  So many years that they are now showing the mileage and are starting to have issues, plus I have lost track of their model designation.  I am considering replacing them with PSB M4U 2, based on reviews.  I’m just waiting for an opportunity to hear those first (perhaps at the upcoming NY Hifi Show).

Back to the kind of pricing you’re probably looking for. . . I think the least expensive full-sized noise canceling ‘phones that I’d consider would be the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B. . . with a street price of just over $100.

If you absolutely won’t consider the cost of “around the ear” headphones, one alternative is “in ear” headphones, that you actually insert in the ear canal.  They are better to begin with as far as noise goes, because their placement alone provides isolation.  Depending on the level and types of noises you’re trying to keep out, “noise isolating” headphones may be all that you need.  But there are “in ear” phones that are both “noise isolating” and actively “noise canceling.”  That combination should be able to stifle a whole lot of volume.  But not everyone likes the feeling of “in ear” headphones, as the sound of your own voice can be disconcerting to some, and the sound of chewing and breathing can be exaggerated.

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> On Oct 6, 2015, at 1:28 PM, Dede <dede at dedewilson.com> wrote:
> Would love recommendations for good (not crazy $$$) headphones that are 
> comfortable to wear while also wearing glasses.
> Thanks
> Dede
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