[Hidden-tech] Preventing recommended videos at end of YouTube & Vimeo

Annamarie Pluhar annamarie at pluharconsulting.com
Tue Jun 16 13:08:59 EDT 2015

There is a way to do it with the code that is embedded. If I remember 
right the showinfo=0 in the code below is what did it for me.

This is the embed code I'm currently using on a site..

<iframe width="475" height="267" 
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""/>

Annamarie Pluhar

Pluhar Consulting
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On 16 Jun 2015, at 9:52, tom's gmail wrote:

> Does anyone know how to prevent the "recommended videos" from popping 
> up at the end when a YouTube or Vimeo video is done playing?
> I have a client that needs their videos posted to a video playback 
> page that has no reference to any other videos - and apparently no 
> embedding is allowed. ( Vimeo allows me to turn off the recommended 
> videos with a setting but only when I am embedding a video)
> Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
> Regards,
> Tom Adams, Director/Owner
> Reelife Productions & Folktography
> www.ReelifeProductions.com
> (from my virtual office/iPhone)
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