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Chris Hart, MyMacTech.com chris at chrishart.net
Fri Jun 5 10:17:16 EDT 2015

Try contacting an independent Apple repair facility, like Yes! Computers.  They should be willing to replace just the fan.

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On Jun 5, 2015, at 2:09 AM, Deborah Chandler <debchandler411 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Well, as I am sure some of you have done, I spilled some liquid on my
> beloved laptop. And I didn't waste my time with water, but rather went
> right for the cognac. ;)
> It happened at midnight about three weeks ago, and I immediately shut
> the power off and cleaned all surfaces quickly with paper towels. I
> can't remove the battery, so I then just enclosed it in a container
> with some uncooked rice and left it overnight. (Oh, and I prayed a
> lot...)
> I have Apple Care, but as many know, liquid spills are not covered. :(
> The liquid cascaded down into and over the laptop, which was standing
> on its edge beneath the table with said cognac on it. The liquid went
> first into the USB port and then further inside, and also sprinkled
> all over the keyboard.
> I asked the advice of a computer expert, who suggested I go straight
> to the Apple Store at the Holyoke Mall, which I did that next morning.
> A member of the Genuis Bar did a diagnostic in front of me, then took
> it out back, opened it up and upon return, printed out the cost for
> repair: $1240. Apparently there is "Tier 4 Accidental Damage", and the
> logic board was affected among other things.
> I decided to hold off on any repairs, after the Genius said it
> wouldn't cost me anymore to just wait and see if the laptop would
> fail. Three weeks later, the laptop is working fine, but the fan is
> still running loudly, as it did right after the incident. This is
> overall fine, but on occasion I like to listen to something or watch a
> movie and the noise is distracting. It's also hard to have a phone
> conversation over it. It sounds like white noise, but when I tip the
> laptop, it sounds more fan-like.
> So, since the Apple Care won't cover this repair situation, my
> question is this: Is there someone you can recommend who might be able
> to clean or fix just the fan for reasonable money, or is this a bad
> idea? Apple said that if a non-certified Apple shop does anything to
> the laptop, it will void my warranty.
> This is the first time I have done damage to my laptop, and I am not
> clear what my options are. I also don't know if the time has elapsed
> in which my laptop would fail if it was going to. As I said, so far it
> is just the loud fan, and everything else seems fine.
> A hard lesson has been learned...
> Thanks in advance for your advice,
> Deb
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