[Hidden-tech] Looking for medium/large flatbed scanner

Ed Bride Ed at edbride-pr.com
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If you don't get a good, affordable hardware solution, here's one thing to
consider. My wife, a watercolor artist, uses a high-quality scanner that has
only an office-sized bed. She scans her paintings, often in the 30x48"
range, using several repositionings and PhotoShip Elements to integrate the
pieces. It's an amazing application, and with just the smallest of overlap
between the scans, the result is seamless.

Ed Bride

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Well actually looking to get high quality scans of art work, Images are
16x20" - watercolor originals

There will be 80 by the time the project is done

So either want a service or access to a professional quality scanner Not a
rush job, will be needed over the next year, so researching now

Rich Roth
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