[Hidden-tech] Snow Removal referral for disabled vet - South Amherst

William Loving contact at dedicationtechnologies.com
Fri Dec 4 16:12:01 EST 2015

Posted for a friend. Please reply directly to me and I will forward.

Looking for Referral for South Amherst SNOW REMOVAL (near Pomeroy Lane)

I am reaching out on behalf of my new neighbor - a kind and gentle man who is also a disabled veteran. (US Air Force) He is new to Amherst and to Northeast winters, having come for a Doctoral program at UMass. He walks slowly with a cane and cannot shovel snow this winter. He needs to hire someone to do his snow removal. They would need to be reliable and able to shovel just a few feet to his door as well as plow/snowblow the snow. (His door is ON the driveway.) I am hoping to find someone who is wanting to help him out. A heartfelt THANK YOU for any offers/leads.


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