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Mat Lebowitz mat at mlcreative.com
Mon Mar 17 11:50:53 EDT 2014

This is a MAYBE job - on-going graphic design freelance work supporting a
medium-sized corporate client. They're trying to decide between out-source
and hiring someone in-house, I'm offering the idea of a dedicated,
out-sourced designer. They have a LOT of work, could be full-time (40hours
per week) to start at least. If it goes through, we'd need you working out
of my home/office in Amherst, at least to start until we've established the
communication and the general process and workflow. Eventually, could
probably work from your own studio, at least part of the time.

I picture the projects being a variety of quick-turnaround design items -
like powerpoint design, invitations, newsletters, update banners for the
website etc. etc. Primarily digital but print experience would be helpful.

As for requirements - most critical is a good, clean, natural design
aesthetic. If interested, please send me some samples (and/or link to a
portfolio) and a bit about yourself, and your hourly rate. Please don't
take a lot of time on a proposal, because as I said the whole thing may
never materialize.



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