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Jonathan Mirin jonathan at ptco.org
Thu Mar 13 17:51:33 EDT 2014

Dear Friends,We are bringing
Avner Eisenberg (aka Avner the Eccentric), one of the world's most
acclaimed clowns and teachers of physical comedy to Shelburne Falls next
weekend for our SYRUP: One Sweet Performing Arts Festival on 3/22. Avner
has a lot to offer "non-performers" who, in fact, need to
perform when giving presentations, teaching, etc. A description of his
Sunday workshop is below. Hope you can make it! www.ptco.org/syrupJonathanMore ease, more humor
with your next presentation? 

Eisenberg to offer "Introduction to Eccentric Performing"

March 23rd, 2 - 5 pm at Shelburne Falls Yoga

 Avner Eisenberg’s physical comedy workshop for teachers,
performers and anyone who wants to increase their ease "on

 This introduction to the world of Eccentric Performing is open to
performers and presenters of all experience levels. Avner teaches a
physical approach to acting, comedy, and presentation skills that helps
participants with:
 - Creating and maintaining rapport with any
 - Using breath to increase your comfort on stage, and to
heighten the emotional impact of your performance
 - Using problem solving to create comedy out of
ordinary activities
 - Applying Lecoq training to clowning
Turning any audience volunteer into an exceptional volunteer
 - And
much more

 Avner is one of the world’s leading teachers of physical comedy. He has
 taught Eccentric Performing and Clown workshops in the US, Switzerland,
 France, Germany, Finland, Spain, Mexico, and Japan. 
 Time: 2 - 5
 Cost: $30. Limited to 20 participants. Advance registration
recommended by calling (413) 625-6569, jonathan at ptco.org

 Avner will be performing his award-winning one man show “Exceptions to
Gravity” on 3/22 at 5 pm as part of SYRUP: One Sweet Performing Arts
Festival. More at http://www.ptco.org/syrup
 Workshop and show responses:
 I learned more from your class than
most of the workshops and classes I have taken in the past five years
 - Rick Osann (high school drama techer)
 Avner has been a very warm and ingenious teacher. Very
clear and well thought-out. The workshop was
 - Mikaela Clark
 Cleveland, Ohio
 “Here is what Avner the Eccentric does best: he reduces
his audience to laughter and giggles and applause.”
 New York
Jonathan Mirin 
Piti Théâtre Company
413 625 6569 
Avner's Workshop on Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/events/1416248798626489/SYRUP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/219371784923416/
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