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On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 7:57 AM, Dede <dede at dedewilson.com> wrote:

> Hello All, looking for a way to let a co-worker see my screen remotely
> while I work both online and off on a project I need to guide her through.
> Recs?

Mac or PC?

An old, simple and free technology for that is VNC (virtual network
console).  It's what Apple uses inside its built in Screen Sharing option,
so if you have a mac, you just need to configure screen sharing on the
Sharing page in System Preferences.

If on Windows, the free version of RealVNC will work (just install the
server, and click the tray icon to configure it once it's running - you may
also have to configure firewall rules for port 5900) - and will be fine if
you're sharing within an office or home network;  if you want to do this
across the open internet, then you probably should get the paid version
which password-protects it (again, on a Mac, you're already set for this).

In either way, you'll need to know your network IP address for the other
person to connect to your machine.  On Windows or Mac you can find that in
your network settings.

The person viewing your screen will also need to install software to see
your screen.  "Chicken of the VNC" is a decent free option for Mac, and if
I remember right, RealVNC comes with a free client too.

If you want to do this over the open internet, you'll need to configure
your router to forward traffic on port 5900 to port 5900 on your computer
(and make *sure* you have it set to use a password or you're sharing your
screen with the entire planet) - which is usually just filling out a web
form, but what exactly that looks like depends on your model of routing --
when you get to that point, just google "configure port forwarding" and
include the brand and model of your router in the search string, and you'll
probably find plenty of answers.

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