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I have used, for some years and with great satisfaction, Remillard Sedan Service, of Northampton. I travel a lot for business and need to be able to count on my travel service. This one is super-dependable and much more.

Fran Remillard runs a very personal, responsible, and high-class operation, in my experience less expensive than others, most certainly than Valley Transporter. This is a refreshing change from VT and other airport transportation, and I enthusiastically recommend them to you. I generally use them for BDL, but I know they go to Logan, JFK, and elsewhere.

Buen viaje!

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> You all are great with questions like this, even tho it isn’t tech oriented, it is biz oriented. Going on trip and need transport to Logan from Amherst and Valley Transporter wants over $500. There has to be a better way. Have to be inside Logan terminal at 4:30 am sharp on a Sunday. Any ideas? Thanks
> Heck, if someone has a young adult who wants to make money, let me know
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