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There are a few possible scenarios I can think of:

1. The file was included as an attachment with the email but did not show up
within the email body as an image. This could be because the recipient had
set his email to not show embedded images by default. This could be because
his email software did not like the way your email software formatted the
html in the email. I sometimes run into the latter, with apparently dueling
email standards and I haven't figured out a way around it.

2. If the file was neither there as an attachment nor visible within the
email then things get more mysterious. I've experienced plenty of problems
with how embedded images get transmitted in emails. I can't ever remember an
attachment simply vanishing, but I suppose it's possible. If this is the
situation I'd first check to see if the problem is repeatable or if it was
just some random fluke.

As Todd said, images embedded in emails are trouble-prone and never 100%
reliable. It's unfortunate, but as Todd said it's driven by how the
recipient has configured their email client, and by the default settings in
their email client, so it's beyond your control as the sender. Embedded
images can be used in various ways by spammers so I think it's becoming more
common for people to block embedded images by default.


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Thank you to Hidden-Tech members who responded to my question about
inserting a file into an email. Your advice was helpful, as always.

Here's a related problem that needs solving: When I sent the email to my
client with PDF file inserted (created from a snapshot of the PDF page),
what he received didn't include that image. Is there a solution for this?

Thanks once again, everyone.


Christine Polaczak
chris at cpdesignworks.com
413 539-3582

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