[Hidden-tech] Needed: Web Design, Hosting, and AdWords Services

Matthias Theo theo.matthias at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 20:05:41 EDT 2013

Greetings H-T!

A local business in Easthampton is looking for a Web Design and Marketing firm that can create a competitive online presence in a pet-related industry. This is a solid 22-year old business that seeks to exploit internet marketing technologies to receive qualified leads. The goals are: (1) to reduce the cost-per-lead, (2) to increase the number of leads and, (3) to better qualify the leads received.

The business is supported by a national corporation that maintains their own web site. It is envisioned that the local business will have its own web site as a landing point for internet marketing click-throughs and contain links back to the national site for additional content support. Leads generated from the local site will need to be sent via email to the owner's account.

The business' internet marketing initiative will generate the following service needs:

1. Web design and maintenance;
2. Web hosting (or hosted via a recommended third party);
3. Ongoing strategic SEO and SEM  services using Google AdWords marketing campaigns;

Spring is typically the high-season for lead generation in this business. Therefore, it is essential that the turn-around time for site development, installation, and internet marketing campaign roll-out is done quickly. The initial AdWords campaign will run for April, May, and June and be in a "continuous improvement" mode during that time. After that, a new campaign will be designed to address ongoing seasonal needs.

If your local company can perform these services, or you know of a highly-recommend local company that can meet these needs, please contact me as soon as possible.


Theo Matthias


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