[Hidden-tech] estimating editing time for editing an audio-book

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Hi Tom,

In the last couple of years, I have produced 11 audiobooks for Audible.com and other audiobook sales venues.  All of them were my own works, which I also narrated myself.  

When I recorded, I was careful to redo any sentence or passage with a flub, so editing consisted almost completely of cutting the flubbed version and making sure everything else matched the script.  Very rarely I discovered something I'd said wrong and had to re-record it.  

With this procedure, it took me three hours to read and edit every hour of audiobook time.  That's with no music or special effects.

If your narrator follows this method, you may need two hours for every hour of audiobook time.  If the narrator makes a lot of mistakes that need to be re-recorded, it will take a lot longer than that.  If you will be adding music or anything else, add on extra editing time as well.

Audible is very fussy about quality and format, and a few of my titles got kicked out of production and sent back to me for one technical reason or another.  In a few cases I had to fix the files and resubmit, which took more time.

Good luck,
Marcia Yudkin

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Hi hidden-techers,
does anyone have any helpful tips about how one might go about estimating the time involved in editing the recorded audio narration... with the end product being an audio book.  

I'm sure there are people out there that have had experience with this so I hope to not re-invent the wheel….thanks for any info you might be able to lend...


Regards,Tom Adams

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