[Hidden-tech] Any interest in doing something like this in WMass?

Shel Horowitz shel at principledprofit.com
Fri Jun 28 06:42:32 EDT 2013

Thanks, all for your responses. I think the next step (next week, please,
not today) is for Rick and me to set a meeting date, possibly in
conjunction with one of the Hampshire County DELAs.
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On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 11:17 PM, RickF at incommn.com <rickf at incommn.com>wrote:

> INCOMMN and Hidden-Tech are regional Hub entities; would make sense that
> we'd provide some leadership and support to make this happen. And we'd want
> Shel to work on this with us. Also, one of our colleagues, Jen Turner,
> suggested we do this several months ago, so we need to involve her.  A team
> is emerging! Looks like we're going get down to it and make this happen!
> Rick
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