[Hidden-tech] fundraiser needed for TEDxShelburneFalls

Stacy Kontrabecki swampdancer at comcast.net
Mon Jun 3 10:37:47 EDT 2013

Suddenly I have to find someone to fund-raise for the October 2013 
TEDxShelburneFalls conference. I just may have secured a high profile 
speaker and need some dough for their travel expenses, etc. Looking for 
someone experienced in approaching businesses for sponsorship. Though 
our entire staff to date is volunteer, willing to pay for this service 
since I don't yet have time to do it myself as the producer/curator. 
This development has bumped fundraising to a higher position on the 
to-do list and I would love to have someone focused on that piece while 
I coordinate the rest.

I need to commit to the speaker's agent early this week if we want to 
have them at our event.

If you reply, let me know when and where is the best place to call you.

Stay tuned for other calls for help as I develop the list of staff 
needed this year.

Oh - and I guess I should add that if you or your biz'd like to be a 
sponsorship partner, please talk to me! I hope to have a 501c3 fiscal 
sponsor that will allow your contribution to count as a charity gift. If 
the org. I think will be our FS falls through, do let me know of any 
other 501c3 that have a parallel mission to TED that might like to 
sponsor our project this year.

Thanks, all.

Stacy Kontrabecki

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