[Hidden-tech] How to Backup+Restore WordPress.org Site on a Hosting Company

Rob Laporte rob at 2disc.com
Sat Feb 23 08:30:52 EST 2013

Hi All,

Back-ups entail more than most people think. A great solution we migrated
our clients to recently is www.CodeGuard.com. This system is used by the
likes of USA Today, The Washington Post, MSN, and Yahoo. It notifies one of
any changes to front end or back-end (database) code made legitimately or by
a hacker. It allows restoring of just the changed code rather than having to
replace the whole website. It distinguished among changes to a page and
deletions and additions of pages, and it shows a history of all three. This
system runs on Amazon¹s S3 service, about as secure and dependable as cloud
computing gets.

The $5 a month plan doesn¹t have all the features that the professional
$100/month plan does. My firm offer the latter for $23.95/month.

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Hello - I've been creating over 100 pages of content for a new WordPress
site -hosted with FutureQuest.net.
Before I publish it I want to make sure I have a completely reliable method
to Back it Up - and Restore it.
Has anyone had any consistent success with a method, or methods to do this?
At a minimum - I'd like to know of someone I can call and pay, if needed, in
case my site crashes.
Thanks in advance for any help. Nathan Abraham

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