[Hidden-tech] Experience with HubSpot ?

Rob Laporte rob at 2disc.com
Fri Feb 15 08:06:04 EST 2013

Hi Ed and HTers,

It¹s been over a year, maybe two, since I explored Hubspot on behalf of a
client, so my impressions are dated. The information they provide seemed
very good. I continuously read the best in my field, and most of what I
sampled in Hubspot¹s info libraries seemed good and useful. But one has to
read, digest, and act on that information, which of course takes time
(cost). Searching the top websites can yield equally valuable information
for free, though one has to know those sites and the best authors in them.

The keyword research tools were derivative, depending on the accuracy of
major keyword research tools like Google¹s tool or WordTracker, which,
believe it or not, are not accurate for the important data on longer phrases
(Bing¹s tool seems the best of the free or cheap ones now, but still not
very accurate). This and other problems with keyword research tools is on my
todo list to publish in my regular contributions to VisibilityMagazine.com.
Making a very long story short, the best way to do keyword research now is
probably by running an actual PPC campaign and tracking well, which could
cost upwards of $1000, but so too is the monthly cost of a truly useful and
accurate keyword research tool, and at least the PPC will generate business
in the meantime. 

Likewise, I noticed that some of Hubspot¹s other tools are derivative of
ones you can use for free or much less expensively, like Google Analytics
and MajesticSEO. Looks like Hubspot¹s A/B testing requires the $1000/mo
plan, and you can do that for free with Google¹s superb Content Experiments
(formerly Google Website Optimizer). By the way, marketers who do such
testing report that it¹s the single best investment they make.

It used to be, and appears still the case for the $200/month plan, that you
have to host with them for most of the tools to work. You¹re website is
taken hostage, unless you pay the $600 per month fee.

On the other hand, back in early 2011 Google invested $32 million in Hubspot
(not sure how much if any since), which is certainly a vote of confidence,
and may mean that some tools get better access to Google¹s data. Other major
tool sets recently had their API connections to Google data revoked. Also,
my quick glance today shows continuing improvement and innovation at

All in all, I would use Hubspot only if I was really going to take the time
to use at least half of the tools within 3 months or so. Otherwise, I would
tackle each priority one at a time using other free or much less expensive
tools. In making such investment decisions for clients, I use a spreadsheet
that factors costs, client time (costs), and probable profit. Client¹s time
is worth at least $100/hr. OK, maybe you value your time at only $25/hr
(questionable), but however you value it, add that predicted cost to the
cost of Hubspot before you decide to buy.

Best Regards,

Rob Laporte
President and CEO
DISC, Inc. - "Making Web Sites Make Money"
Fax ­ 413-553-0745
Rob at 2disc.com 

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Does anyone here have experience with HubSpot? It presents itself as an
all-in-one marketing solution, and seems to be a higher-priced alternative
to Constant Contact (not that CC would do all that HubSpot does).

Opinions/experience appreciated.


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