[Hidden-tech] who can deliver me?

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Wed Oct 24 20:32:14 EDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 05:52:44PM -0400, Edbride-PR wrote:
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>>   I have a Google Voice account and use the feature that screens
>>  the calls.  The caller is prompted to say their name when they call.
>>  When you pick up on the call, you get the user's name (or whatever they
>>  blurt out at the time of the prompt) and you have the option of accepting
>>  or rejecting the call.  It can be a useful feature.  >
>>   Frank Aronson

> Interesting capability. Do any of your business contacts or clients find the delay annoying? Rather like a secretary screening your calls, except that they know you ...that is, you... are the one screening them for acceptability?
> Ed

Google Voice allows calls to be handled differently depending on caller
groups that you define so you could skip call screening for contacts or

I use the rule that anyone in my addressbook gets through directly
and all others get screened. No one has complained yet.

One could also turn off call screening altogether.



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