[Hidden-tech] iOS 6 malfunctions?

Naaz Hosseini, MA, LP naazhosseini at me.com
Wed Oct 17 20:25:47 EDT 2012

Hi HT-ers,

Has anyone else been having assorted malfunctions since upgrading to ios6. At least I'm assuming that's the source of my woes. 

My mail is not functioning. Upgrades often delete my passwords but replacing them in preferences has not helped so far. 

I won't have a couple of hours to call applecare or trudge to the Mac store until Friday. So I thought maybe someone would have some insight to tide me over till then. 

Another peculiar development is that my spotlight searches now cough up ancient files and refuse to show me recent files that I actually need to find to get my work done. 

I think some files and emails have disappeared as well. 

(Sympathy is welcome.)  :)

I hate to give up the aesthetic beauty of the Mac but I'm starting to consider returning to boring PC land. This last upgrade really was over the top!

Thanks for any input you may have. 

Be well,

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