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Jonathon Podolsky producer at wholehealthexpo.com
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Dear HT,

Many of you will agree that* working at home can be isolating while renting
a large office can be expensive or unnecessary. *In the past, I've read
discussions here about pros and cons of working at home, and issues like
finding a board room or other meeting space ideal for meeting an important
client. Is coworking a good option? Here are *8 Reasons to Consider a
Coworking Space
 *according to Inc. Magazine. *

This year I joined *Click Workspace* which has been a perfect middle-ground
for me. In other words, it's great for getting out of the house and for
networking, yet it's a small fraction of what I used to spend on office
rent and utilities...it's even much cheaper than a conventional
office-share arrangement. When I want a different atmosphere, I also use
cafes on occasion, but frankly it seems like more than half the time can be
spent finding parking, waiting in line, ordering, getting situated, etc.
It's also a gamble that I'll find an available table near an electrical
outlet, with decent light, and have wifi with no problems.

At Click, for just *$125/month* you can use the main area any time
24/7/365, which has plenty of tables and outlets. Offices next to the main
room are available for a bit more money, for those who need a permanent
desk or more privacy. It's located at Hampton Court, which is in downtown
Northampton, behind Sylvestor's and the Chamber of Commerce. It's right off
the bike path. Members can get a parking pass (cheaper than a monthly pass
for the parking garage).

Members have access to shared:

   - Conference Room (including white board wall, phone w/ free long
   - Reception Area (has newspaper and comfy chairs)
   - Kitchen (including fridge, water cooler, coffee, etc.)
   - Member Events
   - Event Room
   - Networking
   - Printer
   - Wi-Fi

*Will the trend towards coworking continue?* It seems like it. Coworking
spots are coming soon to Easthampton and downtown Florence. Click is
already planning an
By the end of this year, Click will have a far larger space, with room for
more small- and medium-sized businesses. If you are interested in learning
more, email **Caitleen at info at clickworkspace.org* *
*Here are some links to coworking spaces in the Valley:

   - Click Workspace <http://www.clickworkspace.org/>, Northampton, MA
   - InCommN <http://www.incommn.com/co-working-accelerator%20Easthampton>,
   - Writers' Mill <http://www.writersmill.org/>, (currently in Cutlery
   Building but moving to downtown Florence in November) Florence, MA
   - Bridge of Flowers Business
   Shelburne Falls, MA
   - The Bridge<https://sites.google.com/a/gradschool.marlboro.edu/technology-integration-lab/home-1/the-bridge>,
   Brattleboro, VT

 *So what are your thoughts?* Please reply if I have missed any coworking
spaces in the area or if you have other comments.


*Jonathon Podolsky*
*Producer**, Whole Health Expo
413.584.0010 / 866.943.3976
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