[Hidden-tech] Request: Referral for Elderly/Estate/Asset protection professional

Adam Bauer adam at dharmaboutique.com
Thu Oct 4 10:17:35 EDT 2012

Hi HT'ers,

I am seeking a professional referral for someone who can advise me and my family on matters relating to my aging mother's care, especially in regards to asset protection. She has encroaching dementia and there is concern about meeting her long-term personal and health care needs without driving her into the poor house. Her upcoming divorce is meaning that we need to re-consider her situation in a comprehensive way.

She is happy with her current estate planner, but they do not deal with these kind of asset protection matters and referred me to someone in Boston with whom I will speak soon.

I thought this group would very likely have some collective wisdom about this difficult and important phase of life and resources for effective planning and execution of any necessary steps.

Any tips on great people to help with this kind of late-stage life and asset-protection planning?

Many thanks,

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