[Hidden-tech] Any way to get back my Facebook group members?

Shel Horowitz, Ethical/Green Marketing Expert shel at principledprofit.com
Sun Nov 11 10:53:35 EST 2012

Grrr! Another stab in the back from Facebook.

When I visit my Green And Ethical Marketing Group page,

I get

>Your Group Has Been Migrated
>Now that your group has been upgraded to the new groups format:
>Information from your old group is still available, including group 
>posts and discussions.
>Admins from the old group will continue as members.
>Only members who asked to stay in the group will continue as members. L

And...the number of members, which had been considerably higher, is 
down to two.

AND...I have a new request for membership and can't even figure out 
where to access and approve it.

Fortunately, it's the group page, and not the community page--which 
has 589 members. But it's just so typical of Facebook to pull the rug 
out from under people who have invested in their infrastructure. I'm 
soooo glad I never used FBML to set up a page, because that was 
another one they yanked away with no warning.

My question: is there an easy way to figure out who had been a member 
and invite them to sign up again?

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