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Will Loving will at dedicationtechnologies.com
Fri Nov 2 17:19:28 EDT 2012

I¹m toying with the idea of setting up live-streaming of contra dances to
the internet. I¹m not wanting to record and re-broadcast, I¹m wanting to
broadcast live and have it setup so that the sound person for a given
evenings dance could, with a little training, just turn on. There are all
kinds of issues that would need to be solved such as sound board vs. ambient
mike feeds, mike positions, permission from the performers, etc. but that¹s
not my main problem right now.

I¹ve done a little looking around and most of what I¹ve found involves
expensive equipment and monthly or annual subscriptions. Does anyone have
experience setting up something like this on an ongoing basis, in particular
streaming services and required gear?  Keep in mind that this is audio only,
I don¹t anticipate doing video now or in the future, and it needs to be
something I can setup and leave in place with a simple set of instructions.




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