[Hidden-tech] Mac OS 10.4 disks needed

Lee leejunk at comcast.net
Thu Dec 13 16:26:48 EST 2012

hello everyone,

 I need to borrow Mac OS 10.4 retail install disks.  My son was given an old ibook running 10.3 that he is going to use to run Lego Mindstorm software (requiring 10.4 minimum).  He is only in 4th grade but he made the middle school robotics team.  For Christmas we bought him a mindstorm kit to practice his programming and building skills.  If anyone has the disks to lend me, that would be awesome and much appreciated by a 9 yr old boy and his dad.  Will be happy to send disks back to you.

The kicker is that in September, we upgraded our last old mac and when we gave it away, I gave away every old system disk and upgrade dating back to system 7.5!!!!

thanks in advance for any help or guidance anyone can provide.

north andover, ma, usa


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