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Anne Campbell info at annecampbelldesign.com
Fri Dec 7 12:08:24 EST 2012

Diana Hardina wrote:

> Is there anyone out there who has a monthly subscription to the Adobe
> Creative Cloud Suite, where you buy a membership, pay monthly, get all the
> key applications, etc.? I'd like to hear about how happy you are with this
> service.

I took the plunge a few months ago, and I *LOVE* Creative Cloud. I had an
old version of Creative Suite (CS3) and was daunted by the high cost of
upgrading, so for me, this is a great way to have the latest version of
everything without paying a hefty fee up front. The total that I will pay
for Creative Cloud over the next couple of years is about the same as I
would pay in one lump sum for a new version...but this way, I will always
have the latest version at no extra charge, plus I have the convenience of
paying just a smallish amount each month.

One thing to note, for anyone who's skeptical about Creative Cloud, is that
you are not actually running the applications "in the cloud" - they're not
Web apps. You download Photoshop or whatever to your local machine, and you
run it off your local machine, so there's no slowdown and no need to be
online all the time while you're working.

This way, too, I can install only the apps that I actually need, without
cluttering up my computer with extras I rarely use - and at the same time,
if there's an obscure app I suddenly find I need, I can just download it.

BTW, I have no business relationship with Adobe, other than as a customer,
so this is entirely my unbiased opinion.


Anne Campbell, info at annecampbelldesign.com
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