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The best approach is the same no matter what platform you are on.

It's true, Macs have historically been free from the attention of  
malicious hackers.  That being said, the market share is growing, and  
they are becoming a bigger target.  Ironically, most software exploits  
that I've seen on a mac, are actually due to unpatched MICROSOFT  
software.  the only truly successful 'virus'  I've heard of was  
implanted in an illegal copy of iWork and distributed over bittorrent.

Social engineering attacks have always been the most devastating, and  
the easiest to protect yourself from.  These days, this type of attack  
takes many forms:  Email attachments, online virus warnings, even  
seemingly legitimate 'helpdesk' style software and services.  You can  
protect your machine (mac or PC) with the most expensive up to date  
virus software, and still suffer identity theft, malware, or  
zombification.  How to avoid these attacks?  Number one: avoid shady  
sites; porn, gambling, illegal downloads, "cartoon yourself".  Two,  
don't allow anyone remote access to your machine, unless you are 100%  
sure you can trust them.  Three: common sense. Treat your mac, our  
passwords, even your network, as if they were secure and private;   
like you'd treat your pin number.  Anything that seems untrustworthy  
probably is.

On Jul 14, 2010, at 5:29 PM, Cynthia Roderick wrote:

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> area.
>   ** If you did, we all thank you.
> Not long ago, someone indicated that the belief that Macs are secure
>    may not be true...
>    Although I've had no problems that I know of, I'll soon be  
> ordering a
>    new Mac and am wondering what is the best approach to security?
>    Thanks much in advance,
>    Cynthia Roderick
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