[Hidden-tech] my blog is getting hacked - help

J. Cohen ht at westernmasswebdesign.com
Wed Sep 30 22:01:49 EDT 2009

Daniel Fried wrote:
> More likely is that there is a security problem with the blogging
> software that allows them to post without your password.  In general,
> getting a password is more difficult than exploiting a sql injection bug
> in the blogging software.
> Look into security issues with the blogging software.  Likely other
> people are having the same problem and there may be a fix available.

If it were a self-hosted blog that would be the likely problem, but the
blog software is running on Google's servers (blogspot.com).  It would
be like Gmail servers getting hacked -- which can happen, but I'm
guessing it's easier to hack a desktop computer than to continually
exploit Google's servers without Google finding out through user feedback.

Desktop computers (running Windows) get hacked like this all the time.
All they have to do is get you to click on a link to a website with bad
software on it and then they can get full remote access to a computer
(e.g., back orifice)...



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