[Hidden-tech] my blog is getting hacked - help

J. Cohen ht at westernmasswebdesign.com
Wed Sep 30 06:58:20 EDT 2009

Tom / Reelife Productions wrote:
> anyone have any tips on how to stop the darn
> viagra-miracle-drug-wielding-freaks from hacking into my blog and
> posting new posts over the top of mine? What most scares me most is that
> I'm thinking the little bot-poster must have my password (which is also
> my gmail password!).  I did change my password last week but it's still
> happening.

If you've changed your password and it keeps happening, it means the
hacker has a way to get your password after you've changed it.  There is
a good chance you have a spyware/trojan problem on your computer. (The
spammer isn't hacking into Google's servers.)



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