[Hidden-tech] my blog is getting hacked - help

Chris Hoogendyk hoogendyk at bio.umass.edu
Wed Sep 23 14:52:48 EDT 2009

Tom / Reelife Productions wrote:
> Hello all,
> anyone have any tips on how to stop the darn 
> viagra-miracle-drug-wielding-freaks from hacking into my blog and 
> posting new posts over the top of mine? What most scares me most is 
> that I'm thinking the little bot-poster must have my password (which 
> is also my gmail password!).  I did change my password last week but 
> it's still happening. I don't even blog that much and kind of find the 
> whole thing pointless...so, if all else fails I could just delete the 
> blogspot account altogether...but this is the first (and only) kind of 
> hacking that I've had to deal with, so I'd like to "solve" it.
> I've been going through and deleting the posts every other day or so, 
> but they keep coming back.  Occasionally, I'll check & they'll be 20 
> freaky-drug enhancement posts (fortunately, I can "select all" in the 
> blog's edit page and delete in one fell-swoop)
> here's the blog: http://reelifeproductions.blogspot.com/
> ugh. any help would be greatly appreciated.


see the end of that thread and the support links at the end


so, there are some questions for you as well. These indicate that you 
should moderate comments to your posts, and also that you should check 
the configuration you have set up if you are using mail-to your blog to 
post. Aside from those, there is a question about whether you have added 
third party widgets to your blog. And I would add, are you sure your own 
computer hasn't been hacked -- that would expose your passwords and 
links to your blog -- although that seems less likely than the possible 
avenues to get directly to your blog if you haven't set it up with the 
correct precautions.


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