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Jeff Mackler jeff at rubberneck.net
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I can¹t recall the particulars, but they¹re great.  They pay for a large
portion of the insurance costs that we have for our employees.  There are
some rules and hoops to jump through, and as I recall the initial setup took
some work.  In the end though, they pay something like 50% of the cost of
health insurance for our employees.  It¹s a state program that has been
around for a while.  I¹d definitely recommend pursuing it.


On 9/17/09 1:06 PM, "Tom / Reelife Productions" <tomadams at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Hello again,
> in my continuing quest to provide health insurance to my family without giving
> ALL my money to "the man"...I'm stumbled onto www.insurancepartnership.org
> <http://www.insurancepartnership.org> .  Seems like a great way to go to
> reduce the overall cost...do any hidden-techers have any experience working
> with them?  Love to hear from you before I dig in deep... 
> Thanks again to all that have replied to my other inquiries... the battle
> rages onward and upward..
> Regards,
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