[Hidden-tech] A Call for Amherst and Regional Authors and Artists for 9/27 sales opportunity

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Thu Sep 17 11:43:53 EDT 2009

Hi all,

On Sept. 27 -- the day of the Amherst 250th anniversary parade -- I have
secured slots at several Amherst eateries for authors/artists to sell there
books and art. See notice that went to local media below.

If you want a slot please email me directly at az at a-zinternational.com.
Amherst people get first dibs, but we will include others if there is room.
I'm hoping to add The Pub, which means many more openings.

All of you are responsible for providing your work, keeping an inventory and
selling it if you prefer. The Souper Bowl will sell through their cash
register. They will print two receipts and the buyer will hand you one; you
give them your product.

There will be a wonderful book table at The Souper Bowl, which is a great
space. I'm sure The Pub will do the same if they agree to go along.

Details are below.


Amy Zuckerman
HT Founder and "mother-in-chief"

This is a call for authors/artists for signings in local cafes to do the

* Promote the arts and literature; raise money for the local schools;

* Build economic development for Amherst;

* Bring the literature and arts to local eateries where they exist, already.

* Cement Amherst's reputation as the literary capital of New England, if not
the country. Now we are going to be the Paris of New England.

* Help starving artists/writers make a living -- not a cliche, as you all
should know

I've got a full release in the making, which I will ship later today. This
has quotes and other events planned for the fall of a similar type.


As noted in the subject line and below, I am putting out a call for Amherst
authors and artists who want to sell any book they have in print -- and
artists to sell whatever they want to sell -- at two local
restaurants/cafes. The Black Sheep and The Souper Bowl are offering space
for authors of all genres and artists of all genres who want to conduct
signings and sell their wares. It does not matter if they are self-published
or big wigs, artists of acclaim or just wonderful in their own right.

I will be outside the Black Sheep during this time promoting my "2030" book
and product sales -- mugs with locally roasted coffee and locally baked
biscottis that I will buy from Nick Seaman's. I will have room for several
author's books there.

Anna Kirwan, another SWLE organizer, will be stationed at The Souper Bowl,
to assist local authors who want a sell table there. She is an Easthampton
author of note and will have her books for sale. We have another 10 to 15
slots at The Souper Bowl.

Subway has been interested, but I don't have a commitment from them. If
there is spillover, Aaron Jolly will consider offering space at The Pub.
Please do NOT publicize this until I have both establishments finalized.

Participants will get a slot based on a first come/first serve basis. They
should reach me at az at a-zinternational.com or leave a message on my business
line at 253-4124. The Souper Bowl will be open by 11 a.m. Participating
authors and artists can stay as long as they choose. It will be up to them
to arrange for books or art to sell. I am talking to FOOD FOR THOUGHT BOOKS
are creating a book table for The Souper Bowl to include any/all Amherst
authors they can in stock or can quickly pull in. Again, this off the record
until I sort things out.

This program is designed to reach the crowds of people who will be attending
the parade. It is a way to promote members of the local creative economy and
drive traffic to downtown eateries. It is also a fundraiser for the Amherst
schools. Ten percent of net proceeds will go to the schools from
authors/artists who care to make that donation, plus we are asking them for
a minimal donation of $20 if they so choose.

The sponsor is the new Save the World and the Local Economy (SWLE -
pronounced swell) organization I have founded with Anna Kirwan and a number
of others. It is connected to the new FINANCE FITNESS - It's Academic
national organization that operates out of my A - Z International Associates
business for now. There are esteemed academics, authors and many other
professionals on the board. We hope to make SWLE and FFIA non-profits under
the SOW THE SEEDS foundation umbrella. I am seeking non-profit status for
this umbrella organization.

SWLE/FIAA is also  also scheduling author and artist programming for the
Black Sheep at 2 p.m. all Sundays from November through May. A list of
authors/artists is being developed based on the 9/27 program. Any regional
author will be included, though preferential treatment will be given to who
attend on 9/27.

SWLE/FIAA is also kicking off a fabulous, weekly writing workshop for
students of all ages -- though geared to college admissions essay writing --
that Anna Kirwin will lead from 3 - 4:30 p.m. every Wednesday through Dec.
16 at The Souper Bowl. A release will follow. Again, the aim is to promote
literature in local eateries to drive traffic to them, educate students
about writing for their life, not just to get into college/grad school, etc
. . ., and to raise money for the schools.

You will be hearing from the new SWLE/FIAA PR director -- Sharon Harmon --
who will follow up on the phone. I'm just kicking this off as time is very,
very tight. It took half the summer to get commitments from the eateries,
but I know they are very, very excited to further their reputation as the
downtown literary/art center of this most literary/arts town.


Amy Zuckerma
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