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My answer isn't elegant, but it's a common practice: If this consultant happens to have an administrative assistant that is a family member, that consultant could compensate the administrative assistant in health care premium payments set up under the consultant's one-employee business. As with any business with employees, a section 125 is possible. Of course, the consultant/business owner couldn't self enroll in the health plan, but he may be covered under a family plan if his spouse has health care somehow . . . 

Don't forget the Insurance Partnership for reducing the cost of paying premiums - for the consultant and for the employee. 

Check out the free Healthcare for Small Business Owners panel coming up at Valley CDC to learn more.  I think I scheduled it for September (when I was still on staff there.)  www.valleycdc.com/training 

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hello fellow hidden-people, 

I have a question so out-of-my-league that even I don't know what I'm asking...but my business administration assistant (ahem, my wife) would like me to find the answer...so here it is: 

Would a self employed consultant with no employees be eligible for setting up a section 125 to get insurance with pre-tax dollars 

I'd love to hear any answers (so I can forward them on to my business administration assistant) 

Thanks and hope you're having a great day.  


Tom Adams 
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