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At 8:37 AM -0400 9/5/09, Read Predmore, Ph.D. wrote:
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>4 September 2009
>My T'ai Chi instructor wants to make some videos that will be posted 
>on the web.  He would like a lawyer to review the contract that 
>video production company requires.
>Does any one have a recommendation for a lawyer that does this type of work?
>Read Predmore

He needs someone with a specialty in intellectual property. There are 
a couple in the Springfield area--one firm is something like Holland 
& Bognozi (I have no direct experience).. I had a contgract reviewed 
by Ivan Hoffman in California some years aback, and was pleased with 
his advi There's also Jonathan Kirsch in CA, and Lloyd Rich and Loyd 
Jasin. One is in Colorado and the other in NYC..

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