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Hi Jeff-
Thanks for the kudos on the site and the question/suggestion about internships.  I'm actually a huge fan of internships and apprenticeships -- paid or unpaid.  They help defeat the paradigm for individuals of "you can't get the job without the training, or the training without the job", and employers often get some great work completed for free or low cost, let alone introductions to potentially fantastic employees.  
The reason I haven't added the category (at least, as of yet) is while there was historically great interest in the category by users of NohoJobs.com, the number of listings was sparse at best.  Probably averaged 1 per month, if that, over 4 years.  I never really understood if that was because the area schools have everything locked up, or because such opportunities are few and far between these days.
My hope is that employers and small business owners will still post internships on JobsInTheValley.com.  There is actually one posted now: 
If you are interested in posting an internship, my recommendation would be to post it under the part-time, full-time, or part/full (if flexible, on time commitment) categories.  If unpaid, I would also recommending including "credit" or "unpaid" in the ad title.  So the title of the job would be something like "Publishing Internship (unpaid)".  Listings could go under the volunteer category too, of course, but even unpaid internships have value exchanged (references, information learned, etc.) as you know, so I agree with you on their NOT really being volunteer work.
I appreciate the question because it was actually a deliberate decision not to retain the category (at least, for now).  So if you have one, please DO post it!  Just to confirm, there is no charge for listings whatsoever.

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Well done. I'm impressed. How about adding internships? You have the option for volunteer, but not really the same thing.


Jeff Rutherford
413 475-0087

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  ** Be sure to fill out the survey/skills inventory in the member's area.
  ** If you did, we all thank you.

Hi all-
In case anyone out there on the HT list is looking for a job or looking for an employee, JobsInTheValley.com is now live!
Benefits for employers:

- Free job postings -- instantly published.
- Direct access to edit and/or deactivate individual jobs. 
- Ability to receive applications through the website, if desired.
- Option to feature jobs for a modest fee ($50 for 30 days), if desired. 

Benefits for job seekers:

- An easier way to look for opportunities throughout the Pioneer Valley.
- Sortable listings (by county, city/town or type of job).
- Job alerts for instant (or daily) notification when new jobs are posted.
- Additional resources on community information and local employers.

Hope some of you find it useful!
Josh Maybar
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