[Hidden-tech] Introducing JobsInTheValley.com

NohoJobs.com josh at nohojobs.com
Fri Sep 4 22:42:49 EDT 2009

Hi all-
In case anyone out there on the HT list is looking for a job or looking for an employee, JobsInTheValley.com is now live!
Benefits for employers:

- Free job postings -- instantly published.
- Direct access to edit and/or deactivate individual jobs. 
- Ability to receive applications through the website, if desired.
- Option to feature jobs for a modest fee ($50 for 30 days), if desired. 

Benefits for job seekers:

- An easier way to look for opportunities throughout the Pioneer Valley.
- Sortable listings (by county, city/town or type of job).
- Job alerts for instant (or daily) notification when new jobs are posted.
- Additional resources on community information and local employers.

Hope some of you find it useful!
Josh Maybar
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