[Hidden-tech] Urgent: Know any built in or freeware video recording apps for the Mac OS 10.4?

Will Loving will at dedicationtechnologies.com
Wed Sep 19 20:30:11 EDT 2007

Here's a good rundown of both Mac and Windows software. Camtasia is working
on a new version for Mac but it's not out yet.


You can also check version tracker, but I think the main software to use is
SnapzPro. I do know that some people use Camtasia for Windows and link to
their mac with screen sharing software to capture the mac video.


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on 9/19/07 8:01 AM, Shel Horowitz at shel at frugalfun.com wrote:

> I thought iMovie had this capability, but I just opened it up to play
> with it and can't find any way to record. I don't need any frills
> whatsoever, just a way of creating a training video of someone
> sitting in front of the computer and talking, like Camtasia for the
> PC except I don't even need to put in screen shots (though that
> wouldn't be a bad feature).
> I am doing media training with a client on Monday and want to test
> this first, so there's some urgency.
> PS--Thanks, HT, for the fabulous workshop last night. I will now be
> introducing myself by saying
> "I show the world the *value* in your *values.*



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