[Hidden-tech] Advice on Online Backup Options

Michael Giles mgiles at visionstudio.com
Fri Sep 7 14:19:54 EDT 2007

I've been using Mozy (http://mozy.com/) for a year or two and it works 
great.  They have a Mac version now as well.  As with most of these 
things it runs quietly in the background.  They have put a lot of focus 
on security too (i.e. how best to encrypt all of your data).

You can store 2GB for free or pay $4.95/month for unlimited storage.  
They also landed a deal to handle back up for all of GE's computers 
(that's a lot of machines), so they should be around for a while.


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> Here's hoping that some Hidden Techies who are techier than I (which 
> is probably everyone) can provide some guidance to me on the options 
> for an online storage service to back up my hard drive files.  I'm 
> feeling like a responsible grown up these days and have determined 
> that I really ought to be backing up my business and personal files on 
> a regular basis.  I also recognize that the online "set it and forget 
> it" type services will suit me best as I am more likely to choose to 
> clean the gutters or rotate my tires than to run a back up myself. 
> I've read a bunch of anonymous reviews but trust this group's 
> collective wisdom far more.  Anyone out there have experience with and 
> recommendations on which services to steer toward or avoid?
> Thanks.
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