[Hidden-tech] Job: Web developer (telecommute, Drupal/PHP/etc)

Chas Emerick cemerick at snowtide.com
Thu Sep 6 08:26:49 EDT 2007

We are a very small software company (check us out at http:// 
snowtide.com) in Western Massachusetts in need of a work-from-home  
web developer / sysadmin.

Why work from home?  We all telecommute here (and will continue to do  
so for the foreseeable future), so we need you to do the same.  And  
yes, this comes with the ability to set your own schedule, within  
some reasonable bounds.  FYI, we'd be glad to work with a current  
student, given sufficient experience and availability.

Key requirements are:

- Drupal 5.x / PHP 5 / mysql expertise
- Good HTML / CSS / Javascript skills
- Capable of creating / modifying drupal templates and modules
- Linux (generally Red Hat) system administration experience

Bonus points go to anyone who:

- has superb general computer science expertise and experience (i.e.  
capable of designing efficient custom data structures and algorithms)
- has significant Java abilities (our main products are Java-based)
- has AJAX and/or Adobe Flex experience
- has experience with Python, Common Lisp, or Scheme

The projects on tap include:

- complete the (in-progress) transition of our main public site to  
Drupal 5
- eliminate an existing wordpress installation, migrating all content  
to Drupal
- design-and-build or find-and-setup some collaboration and sales- 
support Drupal modules
- deploy and maintain all of the above on our public web servers

This would likely start as an consulting arrangement, depending on  
your desired rate and availability, but could certainly grow into a  
full-time position depending on the amount of work going forward and  
what "extras" you can bring to the table.  This is particularly true  
if you are capable and willing to contribute to our core products,  
including PDFTextStream.


Chas Emerick
Snowtide Informatics
cemerick at snowtide.com


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