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Dear Izzy,

This is my first reply to a hidden-tech query, so here goes...

The advice from Eric and Shelden is right on target.  When I was with a
small firm looking for a way forward, we wrote our own business plan because
it was the only way to connect the passion with the opportunity, risk, and
market assessments--and with a marketing plan and a technology plan.

To help us through the woods, I cobbled together the nuggets from a VC site
that looked pretty common-sense (we did not work with them at all, but their
generic advice was out there for visitors).  For any use it may have for
you, it's attached as a PDF document.

Good luck!

David Morf
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Good morning,

A colleague is needing someone to write her business plan. This is a going
business that is looking to grow. I will forward all replies to her.

HAGW  (have a great weekend)

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