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Hi Izzy,

Sounds like a ticket to a lot of work for an item that will likely collect
dust and bring her no closer to realizing her dreams.  Mind you b-plans are
good, indeed vital, but rare is the small business (well funded start-ups
excluded), that outsources the writing and follows the yellow brick road. 

B-plans should really be organic documents that evolve with the company as
it executes day after day, week after week.  Help is valuable, but she has
to hold the focus on the execution component, lest her hired-gun deliver
mostly statistics and words.

Or perhaps she's seeking funding, in which case there is no getting around a
b-plan. Bankers, VC's and Angels require them, but they often collect dust.
I've seen it again and again.

My 2 cents: She needs to take responsibility for writing whatever plan she
thinks will guide her activity.  A b-plan is a big undertaking with an
operations component, pro forma financials, a marketing plan - which itself
has 8 sections with multiple subsections - and more.  To do it right takes
many weeks.

Before calling anybody, she should focus like a laser on what help she
really needs?  Is it sales, is it staffing, is it financial management, is
it operations, on and on.... At the end of all of that soul searching, maybe
an entire b-plan and/or financing is the answer, if so she should call my
friend Mike Vann at the Vann group, http://www.vann-group.com/index.html
(413) 592-1383. He's brilliant.

If she needs to drive revenue, she should call me.

All my best,

J. Sheldon Snodgrass, MBA
More Sales. More Money. Less Worry

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Good morning,

A colleague is needing someone to write her business plan. This is a going
business that is looking to grow. I will forward all replies to her.

HAGW  (have a great weekend)

Izzy Gesell MSEd, CSP, Organizational Alchemist

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