[Hidden-tech] Conference presentations via video

Tish Grier tishgrier at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 09:16:04 EDT 2007

At a conference like this, they don't mean taped video--what they mean are live vidcam stuff.  
So, what will happen is that the people will be projeted on a screen, or if it's multiple
panelists, on multiple screens.  Sometimes they will also take questions from the audience.

but, since this is an European con, they may mean video speeches.  if it's part of a panel, then
it'll be a standard segment.  how long will depend on how much time the conference organizers have
given the people.  I haven't found any standard length of time so far in the cons I've attended.

Tish G.  
--- Jean Graef <jean.graef at montague.com> wrote:

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> > I recently stumbled on a conference Web site that listed people who would be making
> presentations (see http://2007.thenextweb.org/speakers/). The first group of speakers are
> apparently going to show up in person, but the second group (scroll down to the bottom of the
> page) are making "video contributions," which I guess means they will not be physically present.
> Has anyone attended an event where there are "video contributors?" How long do the videos
> typically last? How do conference participants access the videos (i.e. sit in a room with other
> people and watch a movie or download the video and watch it alone)?
> Regards,
> Jean
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