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Anne Campbell acampbell at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 10:16:31 EDT 2007

Hi all,

A client of mine wants to have a couple of quizzes on her site to steer
customers toward particular products. There are three quizzes, each with a
half-dozen yes-or-no questions, and the quiz gives you different responses
depending on how many "Yes" answers you checked. ("If you answered Yes to 4
or more questions, then you should buy this product..." etc.)

On another site for the same client, I had used www.Quizilla.com to create
the quizzes and display the answers, and I was able to strip out all of the
Quizilla branding so that it looked seamless with her site. But it seems
Quizilla is doing things differently now - when you take the quiz, they
redirect you to their ad-filled site to see the responses. It's really
jarring to jump from her site design to this one aimed at middle-schoolers.

Does anyone know of a simple solution? Free is great, but I think the client
would be willing to pay a small fee if necessary. I'm not a programmer, so
it would need to be something foolproof.

Thanks very much -

Anne Campbell, acampbell at gmail.com
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