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If you want folks to find your podcasts after you've made them, check out PodcastDirectory.com (www.podcastdirectory.com)  they have info on how to create rss/xml feeds for podcasts.

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How about a high tech solution to this 'class.'

It could easily be done as a teleseminar for up to 96 people for no operating cost. There are several services that provide free conference numbers. I have used www.freeconferencecall.com and it worked great. To do a larger 'room' requires a nominal fee.

Unless this requires graphics, it could easily be done this way and we can all stay home and lounge in our sweats, pajamas, or unmentionables.

If this does require graphics the low tech way would be to have a PDF file for us to download. High tech would be webinar services, which I have not yet used... but they let the presenter display graphics on screen. Anyone with a mic can talk to the presenter. The audience can also text message the presenter with questions during the talk so there are no interruptions.

It's low touch, but no driving and fewer sugary snacks are consumed.

Just an idea. Comments?
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