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ussailis at shaysnet.com ussailis at shaysnet.com
Fri Mar 16 13:12:34 EDT 2007

I would also pay. I have thought of adding an instructional podcast to my
web site and charging for it. As an adjunct to the consulting business.

Anything that would help figure that out is worth $$.

Jim Ussailis
jim at nationalwireless.com

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This would actually be a really great HT lecture that I would pay a fee to


>I am looking to pay an experienced podcaster for an hour of their time
(though it will likely be less than an hour) to go over a few podcasting
fine points with me. I have come a long way in my own self-education but
have a couple of things I want to go over with someone who has already
produced and posted podcasts to web sites.
>Please email me off list to discuss the details.
>Thanks in advance,
>(and hope to see many of you at our event next Tuesday in Hadley).
>Jon Reed
>Hidden Tech Steering Committee

Michael Muller
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